How to publish a story

Publishing a story on is a quick and easy process.

You can jump straight to publishing now, or we’ve outlined some guidelines and 3 simple steps for you to follow below. Feel free to contact us any time with questions.

Publishing guidelines

FruitFame gives you the opportunity to share your success stories, of which there are many in our industry, each one deserving its own spotlight.

This is not a sales platform. This website is about results. It’s not a place to simply record your observations on what you think should happen or might happen, nor is it a soapbox to tout opinions.

When writing your story, try to put yourself in the readers' shoes. They probably don’t want to read a sales pitch or text that over-sells an institution or company. On the other hand, they would appreciate a story that explains the goals or the challenges you were trying to overcome and gives examples of the solutions or outcomes you achieved. 

The more personal you can make your story, the more authentic, unique, and valuable it will be.

We also encourage you to write original content. Simply re-publishing a press release is not storytelling. Instead, if you have a press release, use it a base for your story and add a personal touch through the use of more detailed content and imagery or video.

Stories can be as detailed or as long as you like. We recommend at least 500 words, ideally 1000. The longer it is, the richer the result.

In order to gain trust from readers, make sure your facts are accurate and timely. It’s also a good idea to link to external sources that back up any data and statistics you cite.

FruitFame stories should appeal to industry colleagues, stakeholders, students and parents, since all of them are FruitFame readers.

Tell, don’t sell

Fruitfame exists to help others, so if you want to promote your institution, organization or company, then please do so via storytelling.

Please note that if you post overt advertizing in the guise of a FruitFame story, the content will be taken down and reviewed against our publishing guidelines.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, we have a variety of advertizing options to ensure you achieve optimum exposure.

Finally, this probably goes without saying, but you can only use our site for lawful purposes. You may refer to our Legal Terms and Conditions for more formal content standards (e.g. content must not promote illegal activities, threaten or harass others, etc.).

Story suggestions

We encourage you to explore and read through some stories to get an understanding of the type of content that appeals to readers. You can browse by fruit type, region, or any of our 18 content themes.


Celebrate your rising stars! Starfruit stories are new ideas or campaigns that are about to go live or have recently been launched. This is where you can illustrate how you put data, research, and analysis into action to create new programs or initiatives that contribute to your brand.

Starfruit Stories


This is your bread and butter - a story about the staples of your business, examples of promotions for your best performing programs, or a solid marketing campaign. It's your chance to show off top quality materials you provide to students and partners, or stellar student experiences that aid retention efforts.

Breadfruit Stories

Miracle Fruit

There are countless people, institutions, and organizations around the world that are doing commendable work - whose charitable spirit, kindness of heart, and generosity are changing people’s lives and even transforming entire societies. These stories are about the little miracles that happen every day, which deserve to be shared and applauded.

Miracle Fruit Stories


No matter how much you plan and how prepared you think you are, sometimes the unexpected happens. And when it does, what do you do? Grapefruit stories showcase how an institution, brand, or student recovered from a sour, unpredictable situation, emphasizing the importance of risk management and giving you a resource to turn to in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Grapefruit Stories

Writer's block

Even seasoned pros can feel intimidated by that tiny blinking cursor and vast blank screen. If you feel stuck on where to start, here's a few tips and suggestions:

  • Draft some notes - Sometimes, the hardest part about writing is just getting started. Luckily, on FruitFame you can save your story as a draft so there's no pressure to finish everything in one go. Try drafting a few quick points informally so you have an outline of what you'd like to say. Then, show it to a colleague for feedback and input, or take a break to let the thoughts settle in your mind and login later to finalize your wording.
  • Keep things simple - The essence of every story contains a few simple elements, so stick to these basics:
    • Who - you'll begin with your author profile and your story can introduce other people who were part of your success
    • What - your fruit type (choose 1 of 4) and themes (choose from as many as 18 related topics)
    • Where - choose from any of our 8 geographic regions
    • When - tell us when things started and finished, or walk us through a timeline of events
    • Why - explain your goals, motivation or rationale
    • How - describe the hurdles you faced and how you achieved your results
  • Make a video - It's often faster to speak than write, so you might prefer to give some basic background information in written format, and then supplement the content by telling your story via a video (think of it like traditional storytelling, using a modern platform). Your video can be simple and informal, with you speaking directly to camera, or you can jazz it up by using video editing software or a professional videographer. In fact, we bet one of your students would probably love to help you!

Outsource it

If you don't have the time or resources to create something but you know you have a great success story to share, then let us do it for you. We have a team of writers who know our industry and can write your story, gather up visuals and even interview your colleagues or partners.

The story will still be published in your name, so the spotlight is all yours.

Contact us if you'd like some assistance.

Learn how to improve your writing

Our brand new bespoke e-course is specifically designed for international education professionals by experts who understand the nuances of our industry as well as literary techniques and best practises in marketing.

Send us a quick message or subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll receive an alert as soon as the e-course on Storytelling in International Education is live.

Let us help you!

Everyone has a success story to share, but sometimes, it's hard to know where to begin. Our course on Storytelling in International Education will help you write powerful stories that can augment your brand and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Become a storyteller

Publish a story in 3 easy steps

Ready to begin? Great! Publishing a story is a quick 3-step process.

1. Create your own author profile.

Your author page is like an industry-specific version of LinkedIn. You can include a descriptive biography, portrait, as well as links to your website, social media accounts and membership organisations.

Each time you publish a story, you'll earn one spotlight in your author profile. The more you post, the more famous you'll become!

Your author page also serves as a “digital briefcase” for all of your stories. And even if you change jobs, your success stories will always be connected to your author page. So your results stay with you!

2. Choose a fruit.

As mentioned above, we currently have four fruit categories. Stories must align to one fruit category, but you can pick as many relevant themes and regions as you like.

how to publish in international education

3. Tell us your story.

The final stage in the publishing process enables you to enter a title, subtitle, goal and result. Be sure to include a strong visual as your featured image, which acts like a calling card for your story.

how to publish in international education

In the goal section, we provide some tips to inspire your writing, such as:

  • Why was this new initiative needed?
  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • What challenges did you need to overcome?

This section gives you the chance to outline the story background and set the scene. You can include an image(s) here too, which is helpful to create a “before-and-after” effect.

how to publish in international education

The next section is the heart of your story. This is where you explain things like:

  • How did you implement this initiative?
  • What was the process?
  • Who was involved?
  • Did you hit any stumbling blocks along the way?
  • What were the results?

You can add more images and video after this section, too.

Plus, if you're not ready to publish yet, you can preview it and save your story for later. Next time you login, you can pick right up where you left off.

how to publish in international education

You can click the PREVIEW button to see how your story will look before it's live, or click the PUBLISH button to finalize the process.

Once you have published, be sure to share your success story with your network. We’re sure they’ll enjoy reading it!

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