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Using Quizzes to Engage New Audiences

Digital marketing campaign for BridgeTEFL

Our Goal

Our TEFL division, BridgeTEFL, wanted to experiment with a lead generation campaign that involved short, fun quizzes. Our main goal was lead generation, but we also hoped to increase brand awareness and attract more students for our online TEFL courses.

Our initial mission was to create a personalized, relatable quiz that directed students to download one of our regional country guides based on their individual outcome. We asked questions like, “What’s your vacation style?” and “Choose your favorite cooking ingredient.” We then mapped their responses to several pre-determined outcomes that ultimately connected them to a certain global region.

There were a few challenges to consider while developing our quiz:

  • Creating quiz questions that appealed to everyone, were unique, and engaged them enough to complete the quiz.
  • Developing personalized outcomes that made sense in conjunction with the quiz material.
  • Finding the best way to encourage follow-through to our website and lead generators.

We went through many iterations of the quiz to ensure that it met all of these goals, while also making it feel authentic and legitimate.

Eventually, we built the quiz into an ad campaign and ran it for several months. We weren’t sure what to expect when it came to measuring success, but we found the campaign promoted high levels of engagement, including shares, clicks, and tagging, and, in general, performed much better than some of our other paid campaigns.

Our Starfruit

Emboldened by the success of the BridgeTEFL campaign, we decided to duplicate our efforts across other divisions of Bridge, including BridgeEnglish and BridgeLanguages. For example:

  • For international students, we asked them to answer personality questions so we could match them to one of our English language centers.
  • For foreign language students, we tested their “global awareness” (see a sample quiz here) and then encouraged them to sign up for a language class.

We continued to find that people still love taking quizzes, especially if those quizzes promise to tell you more about yourself.

Was this a new and earth-shattering marketing idea? Definitely not. Quizzes have been popular and prevalent for a while, but, so far, we have found that it doesn't seem to matter.

Here’s a small snapshot of some of the data we used to analyze performance and effect on brand awareness:

Times quizzes were taken: over 18,000

Average completion rate: 78%

Average click-through rate from paid ads: 3.9%

In the era of digital marketing, we’re constantly trying to hop on new trends and meet the consumer in any way possible. These quiz campaigns showed us the power of these opportunities and we hope to see the gains continue to develop.

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