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StudyPortals commits to 100% global transparency in education by 2018

With symbolic act of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Our Goal

Transparency and educational value have been integral to the StudyPortals mission since its beginning in 2009. Back then, the company was simply a small number of students from a university organisation who were eager to close the gap in information that many people face when they’re seeking international education options. Through years of strategic expansion, coupled with creative innovation from partnerships, investments, and company growth, StudyPortals is now able to reach millions of students every year, and list thousands of universities on their platforms. This contributes to increasing transparency in international education by making hundreds of thousand of study programmes findable, searchable and comparable by millions of students worldwide who can now make a more informed study choice and find the university really matching their needs and requirements. 

Every day, StudyPortals employees pride themselves on the ability to present straightforward, transparent information to students who are seeking international education options; users can find a comprehensive listing of information, in an accessible and easily searchable manner. Keeping this focus has been a key part of the company's daily operations and it's one of the main ingredients to their ever-growing success.

So far, our portals have already listed study information from the top 1,500 universities, with the goal of increasing it to 3,000 by the end of 2018 and building the world's largest information resource for international education. 

Our Starfruit

In order to celebrate our commitment to making higher education transparent globally, and mark the beginning of a new era of transparency for international students, we held a special event at our new headquarters on April 7th. The event helped reinforce everyone’s shared enthusiasm for education and the enormous impact that studying abroad continues to have on the world at large. At the same time, in keeping with the company's attention towards transparency, StudyPortals employees shared their insights and perspectives, giving both their clients and partners insight into precisely how the company operates on a daily basis and showing all the work that goes into providing education information to students worldwide.

With the honorable presence of Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Prof. Dr. Jo Ritzen, the longest-serving Minister of Education in the Netherlands, and bringing together leaders in international education and student recruitment, the event highlighted exactly how many wonderful people contribute to ensuring education and student mobility worldwide. 

Making our commitment to transparency public and receiving so much support in our efforts from key influencers, but also our partners and students gives us the energy to move forward with our ambitious plans and fuels our drive even further. 

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Frequently grown in Southeast Asia, starfruits can be either sweet or sour depending on the variety. Although the skin is a bit waxy, it is edible, along with the tiny seeds too.


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