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New Summer Site for LILA* Liverpool

Launching summer 2017!

Our Goal

We started looking for extra space for the summer after a great start to the year with demand particularly high for July.  We are very keen not to disappoint anyone planning on studying with LILA* this summer so are taking measures early on to ensure that we not only have the space, but space that matches the top quality facilities we have here at LILA*… We are delighted that Ziferblat ticks every box.

Our Starfruit

LILA* has secured an exclusive two year deal with Ziferblat for a new additional student site for adult students. The student site will run through summer 2017 and 2018 in addition to LILA*’s main school to accommodate adult classes for students aged 16+. 

Ziferblat is a shared space with a unique and modern design with each classroom having different interiors and colour themes – similar to LILA*’s school design. The site at St Paul’s Square Liverpool has five classrooms that will be exclusively used by LILA* during the summer.  There’s also a lounge area, ‘The Deck’; a communal space for students to work in their spare time, and a large kitchen. LILA* students will have full access to all of Ziferblat’s facilities and communal areas while they are studying. 

The additional site at Ziferblat is in a fantastic location in Liverpool city centre and is just five minutes’ walk from LILA*.

The two year deal means that LILA* has additional space for English classes, social programme activities and meeting space.

Ziferblat will also play host to LILA*’s junior students during selected evening activities in the summer months. The contemporary space and location will be great for adult students and will provide an independent learning environment. 


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Frequently grown in Southeast Asia, starfruits can be either sweet or sour depending on the variety. Although the skin is a bit waxy, it is edible, along with the tiny seeds too.


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