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Linking Quality English Schools and Quality Education Colleges with Global Education Professionals

Since 2004, Quality English has hosted 90+ missions in 40+ cities in 30 countries around the world connecting high quality educators and agents

Our Goal

One of the main activities of Quality English is to provide our members with a platform to meet education professionals at small boutique agent workshops in traditional source markets as well as developing markets.  We know that not all agents travel to the large international fairs and they tell us how much they enjoy having the opportunity to meet high quality schools and colleges in the convenience of their home cities.

Our Breadfruit

Our missions give agents the opportunity to have a series of face-to-face business meetings with Quality English schools and Quality Education colleges to discuss collaboration and to find out more about members’ fantastic centres, programmes and locations. These small, specialised workshops allow educators and agents to have productive meetings in calm and congenial surroundings with a personal and friendly atmosphere.

Our first mission took place in Madrid, Spain in 2004. In 2018, we will celebrate our 100th mission by returning to Spain, and this time we'll convene in Barcelona. On November 15th, schools and agents will have a day packed with meetings, and the event will culminate with a gala dinner and festive atmosphere.

Why our missions work so well

At our 90th Mission held in Bogotá in March 2017, Esteban Ochoa, Managing Director of Cosmopolitan Education told us, “What I liked the most, was the great atmosphere and friendly attitude from the QE family. You really feel you are working with friends and institutions you can trust. In my opinion that is what made the workshop pleasant and enjoyable.”

The majority of representatives at the missions are the school owners, principals or directors as they take an active part in marketing their centres to agents. They are also directly involved in the day-to-day running of the school so are the best people to talk to. This reflects in the great feedback we regularly receive from agents who attend our events.

“As I have been in the International Education field for many years, I really appreciate being able to trust the words I hear. When a QE school offers academic quality, caring accommodation and an outstanding location, I know my wishes and our students’ expectations are going to be exceeded.” explained Olga Eusee, Director of CEI, Consejeria en Educacion Internacional.

We are always honoured when we have the support of the local education community when we visit cities.

At various events we have welcomed delegates from the national agent associations, embassies, trade departments and the British Council who help our members with their excellent knowledge of the local market.

In 2017, we ran successful events in Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy.

2018 will take us to Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul, Warsaw, Milan and Barcelona where we'll toast to our 100th mission!

Quality English schools and Quality Education colleges are carefully selected from the best independent centres in English speaking countries. They are renowned for their quality and reputation, and offer a choice of general and specialised courses in desirable locations around the world. All schools and colleges are independently owned and managed. They are not part of a chain and each school has its own unique character.

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