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Study Abroad and Generation Z

What do we know, and how can we use this to attract more students?

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RUN for ProCit

Charity run for families with autistic children

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Converting through Social Media

Using Social Media to communicate to students and build a connection prior...

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Using Quizzes to Engage New Audienc...

Digital marketing campaign for BridgeTEFL

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The ‘EC World’ Global Campaign

Bringing the EC Experience to life

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How to spot a Czech person abroad

Online marketing campaign for spring courses of Skrivanek language school

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Why simple is extremely effective

A case study on effective marketing with proven ROI

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The Story Behind #YouAreWelcomeHere

A welcoming message from U.S. higher education to international students w...

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Celebrate your rising stars! Starfruit stories are new ideas or campaigns that are about to go live or have recently been launched. This is where you can illustrate how you put data, research, and analysis into action to create new programs or initiatives that contribute to your brand.

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This is your bread and butter - a story about the staples of your business, examples of promotions for your best performing programs, or a solid marketing campaign. It's your chance to show off top quality materials you provide to students and partners, or stellar student experiences that aid retention efforts.

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Miracle Fruit

There are countless people, institutions, and organizations around the world that are doing commendable work - whose charitable spirit, kindness of heart, and generosity are changing people’s lives and even transforming entire societies. These stories are about the little miracles that happen every day, which deserve to be shared and applauded.

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No matter how much you plan and how prepared you think you are, sometimes the unexpected happens. And when it does, what do you do? Grapefruit stories showcase how an institution, brand, or student recovered from a sour, unpredictable situation, emphasizing the importance of risk management and giving you a resource to turn to in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

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