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We have four fruit categories, 18 themes and eight regions. Each story falls into one of the four fruit categories (starfruit, breadfruit, miracle fruit, or grapefruit).

Authors can tag as many relevant themes and regions as they like per story.

You can search for a brand, author or topic, and you can browse by fruit type, theme or region.

See our About page to learn more about our content, authors, and readers.

There are two main ways to advertize on boosting a story and online ads.

Boosting a story

Each of the four fruit category pages has three exclusive Spotlight Stories. Much like boosting a tweet or social media post, on FruitFame you can boost your success story to ensure it appears at the top of its related fruit category page.

There are only three spotlight stories per fruit type (starfruit, breadfruit, miracle fruit, or grapefruit), which appear above all other stories, giving you an exclusive space to showcase your achievements.

The perks of boosting a story:

  • Exclusivity - Each fruit category page has three exclusive Spotlight Stories guaranteeing you top placement so your story always stays in the spotlight.
  • Flexibility - Boost any story, any time. For example, you purchase the Starfruit category for a 6-month block of time. You can change which story gets boosted into the spotlight any time, ensuring your brand puts its freshest face forward at all times. Simply email us and we’ll make the change immediately.
  • Added exposure - In addition to premium exposure on the site, we will also give triple promotion for Spotlight Stories:
    • three times the mentions on social media,
    • regular inclusion in the newsletter,
    • plus highlighting your best practice examples in industry presentations to stakeholders around the world.
  • Tracking and analytics - You’ll receive regular reporting of results for all ads and boosted stories: page views, clicks, click-through-rate, etc.

Put your brand up front and center – right where it belongs!

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Online adverts

In addition to posting your own success story, you can also align your brand with a region, theme or fruit type.

  • Perhaps you want your institution to be associated with new initiatives? Then the Starfruit category is for you.
  • Maybe your company is active in Asia and you’d like to be featured in our Asian region?
  • Or if you’ve got a big anniversary year coming up and you want everyone to see how your commitment to quality has paid off, then you can take our Anniversaries & Celebrations theme page.

Sponsoring a region, theme or fruit type gives you more exposure across key areas of the website, aligning your brand with targeted areas of interest.

These ads appear at the top of the page, for example:

Ad placements

Why limit yourself to just one category?

With 18 themes, eight regions and four fruits to choose from, there’s plenty of opportunities to affiliate your brand with topics and territories that matter most to you.

Choose any three placements and receive a discount!

There’s many options to help you gain targeted exposure.

Advertize today and align your brand with a fresh new platform, showcasing innovation and success in international education.

Discuss custom packages and offers with us today.

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Ad sizes

We offer two ad types (1 rectangle and 1 of 2 banners) for you to choose from.

1. Medium rectangle ad (MPU)

Width: 300 pixels

Height: 250 pixels



2. Choose between a leaderboard or a billboard.

Leaderboard banner ad

Width: 728 pixels

Height: 90 pixels


Billboard banner ad

Width: 970 pixels

Height: 250 pixels


Ads appear at the top of each fruit page, region page, and theme page.

4 Fruit Pages: Double the exposure for your brand! On each of the four exclusive fruit pages, both of your ads will appear on all screen sizes.

  • Banner ads (billboard or leaderboard): displayed on all screen sizes
  • Medium rectangle ads: displayed on all screen sizes

8 Region Pages:

  • Banner ads (billboard or leaderboard): displayed on most screen sizes
  • Medium rectangle ads: displayed on mobiles only*

18 Theme Pages:

  • Banner ads (billboard or leaderboard): displayed on most screen sizes
  • Medium rectangle ads: displayed on mobiles only*

* Medium rectangle ads are more mobile-friendly than banners, hence on smaller screen sizes, your rectangle ad will be displayed instead of your banner ad. In order to ensure maximum visibility for your brand no matter what device someone uses, we ask that you send us both a rectangle and a banner ad.

Ad prices

Custom packages and bulk discounts are available. Contact us to book your ad space now.

Ad results

You’ll receive regular reporting of results for all ads and boosted stories (page views, clicks, click-through-rate, etc).

Ad specs

See our ad sizes above for exact dimensions. When delivering ads, please note:

  • Adverts should be submitted as web-optimised .jpg, .gif, or .png files
  • Maximum file size for .jpg or .png: 100 KB
  • Maximum file size for animated .gif: 300 KB
  • Please specify the target link (URL) for the advert(s)

Reserve ad space now or get in touch to discuss how we can help your brand receive the attention it deserves.

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Additional services

Want to publish a great success story but don't have the time to write it? For a small fee, our team of writers can do all the hard work for you.

We understand that you're busy managing day-to-day operations and might not have the time or inclination to prepare the content for a FruitFame story. Let us worry about the details and help your brand look its best!

We can write your story, gather up visuals and even interview your staff or partners who helped make the magic happen.

Learn how we can help.

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