We find best practice examples at countless events all around the world, organizations have awards, and individual websites contain a select number of case studies. Yet there isn’t a place that brings all of these success stories together. They all sit in silos.

Until now.

About us:

Our mission:

To provide a platform to showcase success stories that move the needle in marketing, branding, recruitment, enrollment and retention.
To enable international education industry professionals to inspire and educate each other through best practice examples and an avenue for colleagues to engage directly with story owners.
To offer a channel for industry professionals to build up a public track record of success that showcases their achievements.
To allow decision makers and stakeholders to benchmark their marketing and recruitment efforts against other institutions, organizations, and countries.

Why should I publish on FruitFame.com?

A message of positivity

Competition is intensifying in the global education industry, and with so many challenges and negative headlines, it’s time for us to thrust our success stories into the spotlight! This is your chance to enhance your brand and share personal stories about positive initiatives and victories you've had thus far in international education.

A more authentic voice

FruitFame is more personal than a standard corporate press release or the content found on your website. It is a platform for storytelling, giving you a chance to showcase your brand's personality and the people who make the magic happen. You could think of it as a "behind the scenes" type of experience for the reader - to convey your authentic, friendly side and show people the real you or the reality of the hard work, determination and commitment to excellence that lead to your success.

A track record of success

The days and weeks fly by faster than we realize. Before you know it, another season has passed, another recruitment cycle gone. And in that time, you've pumped out powerful campaigns, launched a new program, forged new partnerships, gave a best practices presentation at an event, and won another award.

But all of this is siloed and spread out across a variety of platforms. However, if you publish a story on FruitFame each time you achieve success, you'll be able to build up one unified track record of results - not just for you but also for your brand.

You're in control

Unlike formal marketing text found on websites or articles written by external journalists with their own editorial agenda, FruitFame.com enables you to tell your story in your own voice. It puts the control entirely in your hands.

Just like our tagline says: Your story. Your spotlight.™

Greater reach

We give you free publicity for your Author Bio and each of your success stories in our newsletter and across our social media channels. FruitFame.com is an award-winning global platform read by industry colleagues, stakeholders, students and parents - exactly the audience you're looking to target.

An SEO boost

Publishing on FruitFame allows your brand to go further. Not only does your Author Bio give you backlinks to your website and social channels, your stories can also link to additional content on the web.

Do more with less

FruitFame gives you an opportunity to re-purpose your content and get more mileage out of your hard work. Have you ever submitted a proposal to appear as a speaker at a conference? Or how about an entry for an industry award? Telling a story about what you achieved is a great base for a FruitFame story. Even if your proposal wasn't approved or you didn't win that award, you've still got an incredible story to share. So why let it go to waste or stay hidden in your computer files? Everyone has a story to share. It's time to tell yours.


Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in deadlines and targets that we forget to step back and take note of our achievements. We form partnerships with institutions and organizations across the globe, we help students open their minds and change their lives, and we do all of this as "just part of our jobs". But it is so much more than that. From working around the clock to flying around the world, you give it your all each and every day. Now you have a chance to record those accomplishments as they happen.

Staff morale, motivation and professional development

You know your team is working hard, but does everyone else? Imagine if each of your employees had a profile on FruitFame.com and posted a story when they achieved one of their goals. Wouldn't it be powerful to see all of their success stories in one place? Well, now that's all possible.

What should I publish on FruitFame.com?

FruitFame gives you the opportunity to share your success stories, of which there are many in our industry, each one deserving its own spotlight.

This is not a sales platform. This website is about results. It’s not a place to simply record your observations on what you think should happen or might happen, nor is it a soapbox to tout opinions.

Fruitfame exists to help others, so if you want to promote your institution, organization or company, then please do so via storytelling. Remember that a story sets the scene for the reader, introduces the characters, explains the background, goals or challenges to overcome, and has a plot (a beginning, middle, and end). Along the way, it helps to give examples of the hurdles you faced and the solutions or outcomes you achieved.

If you'd like some help, ask us to ghostwrite the story for you, or you can sign up for our bespoke course on Storytelling in International Education.

Please note that if you post overt advertizing in the guise of a FruitFame story, the content will be taken down and reviewed against our publishing guidelines.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, we have a variety of advertizing options to ensure you achieve optimum exposure.

Who reads FruitFame.com?

Our audience is mainly industry professionals working for:

  • public, private and nonprofit education providers (higher education, K-12, language, online/blended, pathway/foundation, vocational and further education);
  • service providers (accommodation, events, exams, insurance, technology);
  • student recruitment and counselling agencies;
  • government departments or agencies;
  • membership associations;
  • work and volunteer experience, internship, or apprenticeship providers.

FruitFame.com offers targeted, relevant content for those working in:

  • marketing or communications;
  • recruitment;
  • admissions or enrollment management;
  • study abroad;
  • department faculties;
  • student services;
  • student retention;
  • alumni management.

FruitFame's success stories offer valuable best practice examples for those who are offering their programs or services globally. These educational stories of achievements can teach others how to improve and serve as a form of thought leadership, which bolsters a brand's reputation and in turn, enhances brand value.

Some stories help to educate other industry professionals, such as Starfruit Stories or Breadfruit Stories.

Meanwhile, other stories can appeal to students and parents. For example, our Miracle Fruit Stories inspire others by sharing a closer look at how a brand started a CSR initiative, or helped others through charity work or scholarships. These are particularly powerful to share with parents and students in order to reinforce your brand values, or with counsellors and recruitment agents who represent your brand overseas.

Finally, Grapefruit Stories teach others how a brand or person overcame an impossible challenge or recovered from a sour situation. If you've got a story about how you helped turn a situation around for a student (e.g. adjusting from culture shock, conquering academic hurdles or behavioral issues, getting out of a sticky situation), then these are the stories to share with parents to reassure them that you will fix any problem that occurs.

Ultimately, these stories serve as a benchmark to teach others, illustrate brand values or education outcomes, and help secure a student's application and success.

If you don't already have an account with us, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep up with the latest success stories in international education.

How do I get started?

We’ve outlined some guidelines and three simple steps for you to follow on our How to publish page.

You can create your own author profile in a few clicks.

Publishing a story is a quick 3-step process; simply choose a fruit type, an unlimited number of related themes and regions, and start telling your story.

Stories can be as detailed or as long as you like. We recommend at least 500 words, ideally 1000. The longer it is, the richer the result. You can also add photos and video to your stories.

Plus, if you're not ready to publish, you can draft your story and save it for later. Next time you login, you can pick right up where you left off.

If you'd like some help, ask us to ghostwrite the story for you, or you can sign up for our bespoke course on Storytelling in International Education.

The road to fame

Your author page serves as a “digital briefcase” for all of your stories. It’s akin to an industry-specific version of LinkedIn. And even if you change jobs, your success stories will always be connected to your author page. So your results stay with you!

Each time you publish a story, you'll earn one spotlight in your author profile. The more you post, the more famous you'll become!

Don't be surprised if we create a fruity Hall of Fame honoring our very own industry celebrities. Will you be one of them?

Ask us to ghostwrite the story for you

Want to publish a great success story but don't have the time to write it? For a small fee, our team of writers can do all the hard work for you.

We understand that you're busy managing day-to-day operations and might not have the time or inclination to prepare the content for a FruitFame story. Let us worry about the details and help your brand look its best! We can write your story, gather up visuals and even interview your staff or partners who helped make the magic happen.

The story will still be published in your name, so the spotlight is all yours.

Find out how we can help:

Contact Us

Learn how to write success stories

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone remembers a good story. But can everyone tell a good story?

We're certain that you've got plenty of success stories to share, but it can be hard to know where to begin. That's why we've created our own bespoke course, specifically designed for international education professionals by experts who understand the nuances of our industry as well as literary techniques and best practises in marketing.

We can offer you this course remotely or face-to-face.

Send us a quick message to get one-on-one or group training now.

Or subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll receive an alert as soon as Storytelling in International Education is ready as an e-course.

Let us help you!

Everyone has a success story to share, but sometimes, it's hard to know where to begin. Our course on Storytelling in International Education will help you write powerful stories that can augment your brand and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Become a storyteller

Advertizing opportunities

Creating an author profile and posting stories are both entirely free.

If you’re looking to promote your brand or align yourself with a fresh new platform, showcasing innovation and success in international education, then we have a variety of advertizing options to ensure you achieve optimum exposure. You can boost a story to ensure it appears above all others, and you can also choose prime placement online ads to align your brand with a region, theme or fruit type.

Explore our Media Kit or contact us any time.

How are stories organized?

Stories on FruitFame.com are organized according to different fruit types. You can also browse by geographic region or one of our 20 content themes.


Celebrate your rising stars! Starfruit stories are new ideas or campaigns that are about to go live or have recently been launched. This is where you can illustrate how you put data, research, and analysis into action to create new programs or initiatives that contribute to your brand.


This is your bread and butter - a story about the staples of your business, examples of promotions for your best performing programs, or a solid marketing campaign. It's your chance to show off top quality materials you provide to students and partners, or stellar student experiences that aid retention efforts.

Miracle Fruit

There are countless people, institutions, and organizations around the world that are doing commendable work - whose charitable spirit, kindness of heart, and generosity are changing people’s lives and even transforming entire societies. These stories are about the little miracles that happen every day, which deserve to be shared and applauded.


No matter how much you plan and how prepared you think you are, sometimes the unexpected happens. And when it does, what do you do? Grapefruit stories showcase how an institution, brand, or student recovered from a sour, unpredictable situation, emphasizing the importance of risk management and giving you a resource to turn to in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Why fruits?

FruitFame is brought to you by Jackfruit Marketing, a boutique consultancy, project management, and training company dedicated to the international education industry. Both companies are owned and managed by Jackie Kassteen and given her name, Jackie has a special connection with the jackfruit, which she discovered back in 2010. Among its many extraordinary characteristics, the jackfruit is the biggest fruit on the planet, so you might consider it to be the mother of all fruits, including those on FruitFame.com.

Our initial launch offers four fruit types, each with its own unique link to international education. Over time, we will release more fruits; you could say that the site will continue to bear fruit!

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How can I contact an author?

You'll find a link to a story's author at the top of each story. An author's profile page contains links to their website, social media accounts, and email (if they've disclosed it).

If you have questions about a specific story, please contact its author.

If you have questions about the FruitFame.com website, please contact us.

Don’t forget to engage with FruitFame on social media! We love helping your brand get even more of the attention it deserves.

Twitter: twitter.com/FruitFame
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fruitfame
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/fruitfame


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